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Finding JOY in Fitness

I had to temporarily close my speech pathology private practice six months ago due to COVID.  At that time, my future was unclear so I chose to focus on FITNESS.  Being active brings me JOY.  Prior to the shutdown, I had discovered a love for swimming as my "go to" aerobic activity.  It had only been a month of hitting the pool four days a week for 45 min each visit.  I had lost pounds of fat in my torso and had gained muscle in my arms and legs so the scale was the same but the reflection in the mirror was not!  Then COVID came along and the gym closed.  I lost access to my "go to" JOYFUL way to exercise.  

Being a new model, I decided to hyper-focus on FITNESS during my stint of unemployment to hopefully break into the fitness industry.  So....I hopped on my bike to ride along the river as my "go to."  I hadn't been on my bike for over 10 years!  I had forgotten the feeling of unabashed JOY that is felt as you zoom down the bike path with the wind in your hair and visions of white water flowing alongside.  Pure MAGIC, I tell ya!  My legs awoke to their power of propelling me faster and faster...I didn't want to stop! Fast forward six months and I have reshaped my body along with my mind.  Aerobic exercise does not have to be a CHORE.  It can be a moment of JOYFUL creation for a healthy mind and body!  Your body will thank you for the opportunity to VIBE high - GUARANTEED!  Now, go hop on your bike, climb a rock, fly a kite or jump in the pool!

Photo Credit - Hara Allison Photography

June 2020

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