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#DYEfree2BME Movement Empowers Women to Ditch the Hair Dye and Embrace Their Authentic Beauty

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Susan Esco, founder of the #DYEfree2BME movement, is a Speech & Language Pathologist “gone rogue” Pro-Aging Advocate and Silver Hair Model & Influencer ( living in Spokane, Washington. She describes herself as a “50 years BOLD Silver Sister” who is passionate about inspiring others to embrace the aging process and to love their “authentic self” unconditionally.

At the age of 44, Miss Esco cut her long hair into a short pixie and waded through the “transformation” for over three years. “Being super health-conscious and a vegetarian, I knew that sitting in a chair for four hours every six weeks with noxious chemicals on my scalp COULD NOT be a healthy choice,” she explained. “The ‘Journey of Growing Out the Gray’ was like the metamorphosis of the caterpillar within the chrysalis. It truly was a Mind, Body and Spiritual Transformation. I am not the same woman I was before learning to love myself. Growing out my natural hair color was just the tip of the iceberg and the positive effects of going against traditional beauty standards spilled over into other areas of my life.”

Miss Esco is the Founder of the Facebook group, #DYEfree2BME - High Vibe Silver Sister Tribe and Instagram @dyefree2bme where women can come to share their transformation stories and pictures to garner support from the online "Sisterhood." Additionally, she has a T-shirt line with Inspirational sayings on to help boldly, yet silently, answer any spoken or unspoken questions regarding the choice to embrace one’s natural hair color such as SILVERLICIOUS, GREYIN’ & SLAYIN’, SILVER GODDESS, and KEEP CALM - GREY ON. Check out her YouTube channel at

“The #DYEfree2BME movement has created a safe place for women to raise each other up to a space of Self Love and Unconditional Acceptance. I am honored to have inspired others to embark on this journey,” she explained. Locally, in Spokane, she has started a group on called “#DYEfree2BME - Silver Sisters of Spokane” to gather women who are already grey, in the process of greying or “grey curious” for laughter, good times, reflection, and support. Most recently, she created an online LIVE lounge/variety show, “CHILL-IN with the High Vibe Silver Sister Tribe,” where the ladies can come together to visit, learn, and create joyful memories through conversation, featured speakers, giveaways and open mic on Friday nights. More information about her modeling, inspirational speaking and online show at

Shine on Silver Sisters!

Photo credits - Nicole Barton Photography

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