“When one discovers love for self - MAGIC surrounds you.  Embracing your natural hair color is just the beginning of the transformation - Mind, Body, and Spirit.” 
-Susan Esco 2019

Passionate about representing women like herself, Susan has built a presence in front of the camera and looks forward to booking more shoots!


Clothing & merchandise designed for the silver-crowned woman who is proud of who she is.



About Susan...

Susan Esco is a Pro-Aging Advocate who is empowering women to practice Self Love & Self Acceptance through the #DYEfree2BME movement.  #DYEfree2BME supports women who have chosen to "ditch the hair dye" and embrace their authentic hair color despite the traditional beauty standards promoted by the anti-aging media campaigns.  She has been “dye free” for six years and is now pursuing a career in modeling and commercial acting as a means to inspire women around the globe to love their reflection...UNCONDITIONALLY. 



dyefree2bme@gmail.com \  Tel:  509-230-8876